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How to Respond to the NYC Parking Garage Collapse

Suppose you hear about an incident that has impacted so many people directly or indirectly. In that case, you may wonder how to respond to the incident. You may want to avoid watching TV or talking about the incident because you do not want to feel overwhelmed by what happened or if it relates to your past traumatic experience. No one can blame you for your decision.

However, there are some things that you can do in response to tragedies such as the Manhattan Garage Parking Collapse.

First, you may want to help those suffering from the incident by offering emotional support and participating in the rescuing or recovery work. You can also donate to charities or organizations explicitly focusing on the incident.

Second, it can be helpful for you to share information about the need for regulations and policies on social media to prevent similar incidents or suggest better safety measures if it is your area of expertise.

Third, you may want to learn how to prepare for emergencies and disasters, such as having an emergency plan and being aware of the nearest emergency exits in public spaces. Also, sharing what you learned with your friends and family could be helpful.

Fourth, suppose it significantly impacts your mental health for any reason. In that case, you may need help immediately from mental health professionals nearby.

For traumatic incidents, early intervention is critical for a good prognosis in treatment. Please do not hesitate to seek professional help because time matters in this case.


Minsu Kim, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (US)
Mental Health Clinical Psychologist 1st Class (Korea)

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